Important note for Satnav or Internet Maps

Avoid an unnecessary extra 12 miles!

Please ensure that you set electronic maps and Satnavs to bring you to the village through Boat of Garten – or just follow the road signs for the last 7 miles!

Broomhill-Trestle Bridge

Eric Hart’s picture of the trestle bridge at Broomhill over the River Spey

Otherwise you may be directed across a weight restricted wooden bridge!
Interestingly, it is the oldest wooden bridge in the country on a publicly maintained road. It is a very narrow road and if you are in a coach you are unable to turn around.



Use PH25 3DN for directions

Travel Conditions

There are a number of places to get road conditions and incidents. The links to the better travel sites are below. I check all three as they have different attributes:

  1. Moray Firth Radio area, which covers around us & up to Inverness then check out their MFR Travel News.
  2. To the east of us in Aberdeenshire check out Northsound Travel News.
  3. Live eye Camera views.
  4. Live incidents, including accidents & closed roads for the rest of Scotland, I use the BBC.

Alterative Route

Should the A9 be closed due to unforeseen circumstances, then it is not such a problem. Just turn off at Perth and drive around via Aberdeen. It is a good road, so don’t wait in a long queue, just drive round! It is of course a lot further, but you could be waiting 2 or 3 hours for the road to be opened so those who have gone the long way may get here first! See the map below.