Connectivity – 4G, Openzone & Fon

4G is available in much of the area and there is connectivity at Nethy Station. Because there is no office on the premises we have had to find alternative wi-fi solutions. The property now has BT Openzone wi-fi (part of the worldwide Fon network)
Those connected to the Openzone or Fon networks will have free access according to their own account.
BTinternet customers can enable their own HomeHub to allow external access (this is quite safe) and you will get free wi-fi when out and about and here at Abernethy Bunkhouses
Group leaders should request the network key for access from us on arrival. Due to bandwidth restrictions, we advise that there should be only a couple of users within each group, or you will find access slow. It is not superfast!

ABC-Nethy Station landline

The number for Abernethy Bunkhouses – Nethy Station phone is +44 (0)1479 821 117 This is line-in only.
Please note that all but emergency and 0800 numbers are barred.
Urgent messages may be left at the office, which is not on the premises so there may be some delay.