Risk Assessment

We have prepared a Risk Assessment of the property. Please feel free to suggest additions to ensure that it is kept up to date.

Fire Safety

Fire Extinguisher Color Codes

A The fire safety equipment in our property is both up-to-date, and fully and regularly checked and serviced. However, it is the responsibility of the leader to ensure that the group fully understands the need for fire safety and to make them aware of exits, fire extinguishers and safety procedures.
B Fire Alarms: If the fire alarm goes off – the chances are that you have just burnt the toast!
If that is the case – go to the Fire Alarm box by the washing machine and press the code ****. Then the Silence button (1) and then Reset (2).
In the event of this not stopping the Alarm, or a buzzing noise, it is likely that one of the detectors has been tampered with. Check them all, starting in the bedrooms. If the fault is not found, then please call the electrician, but please note that if it is due to tampering, we will need to charge for his call out fee.
C Fire Extinguishers and Sensors – If fire extinguishers or the sensors have been tampered with, we need to have them dealt with immediately and that can result in a call out fee of over GBP150. So please warn your group – especially if you have curious youngsters!
Fire Awareness Quiz – Why not use this as a team activity on your first evening to ensure that all members of the group know what to do in a fire emergency? Leaders can print off copies of the relevant quiz, both with and without answers, in preparation for their arrival.