Behavioural Rules

Nethy Bridge is a small scenic village in a National Park which most of our guests appreciate and they show consideration to our neighbours and the environment.
We ask our guests to take care of the property and inform us immediately of any problems arising.

Our main point of contact is held responsible for implementing these rules pertaining to the property. On accepting your booking we understand that you have accepted these terms and conditions and we ask that you circulate this link and/or print them off so that everyone is aware of them.


This is an old building, with lathe & plaster walls and a lot of old timber. We must stress that smoking is prohibited throughout because of the danger of fire.

Nethy Station does have a shelter outside.


When a large group is gathered together, the sound of laughing and singing can be extremely loud to those outside!
Whenever and wherever loud music is played please keep the windows and doors closed, after 11pm, even though it may get hot!
Also, remember that groups of people returning home, or sitting outside, can easily disturb other people’s peace late at night!

Ball Games

Please remember that the safest place to play is on the football field which is only a few hundred metres away.


A duvet & pillow for each bed. For hygiene purposes we ask that linen is always used. It isn’t very pleasant for others who follow if they have been used uncovered! A linen pack is available, but it does add to the cost, especially of short stays. Alternatively, group members could bring either a sleeping bag or their own sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase and towels.


To avoid damp, vermin & damage any food or drink spillage should always been cleaned up immediately. Kettles, toast makers, and similar items, may only be used in the dining-room.


This is a beautiful area, which we would like to keep this way! Please ensure that all litter is regularly collected from around the properties and not left in the village and the hills.
Chewing gum should be disposed of carefully as it endangers birds and as it sticks to shoes, it is carried into the house and damages carpets. Cigarette stubs should also be put into bins and not just dropped. They are both unsightly and poisonous to wildlife.


Please do not go out after 11pm unless it is necessary, and then never in groups of more than 3 or 4. Please do not walk on, or throw rubbish, onto other people’s land, whether it is a private house or hotel.
It is particularly bad manners to use the shop doorways as smoking shelters!
One group decided that fireworks would be fun well after midnight, quite forgetting that those nearby had to go to work in the morning!


Please park alongside the old platform in the old station yard area by the metal steps and not on the track beside the building. If you do find yourself up there, please reverse and do not turn your vehicles on our neighbours’ property, in front of their houses!


Groups should be aware that with a large number of people showering the drains in the properties can become blocked. We ask you to ensure that if the showers appear to be draining slowly then we are told immediately. It is simply a matter of cleaning the drain covers which can become blocked with hair or debris. If they overflow this leads to leakages and considerable disruption to the Group Leaders’ rooms.

Furniture & Equipment

Should furniture, kitchen equipment and anything else be moved, please return it to its original place on departure.

Damage & Cleaning

We make every effort to ensure that the properties are clean and in good repair, bearing in mind their great age! In order to keep costs down we expect to find it left as you found it on arrival.

If you find any damage, or even cause some yourself, please let us know as soon as possible so that it can be dealt with. We seldom raise a charge for accidents but would remind you that the house is not insured against minor damage and you should make your insurance arrangements.
One group broke a basin and stuck it together with chewing gum. It fell apart when someone leaned on it, luckily without water in it! So PLEASE just let us know!

Oil, Grease & Food Waste must NOT go down the drain

It is an offence to discharge fats & oil into the sewage system.
We ask that you scrape off all food and fats from pans and crockery before washing up and store in an appropriate container.
Any frying oil needs to be disposed off by an authorised contractor so please take it away with you, or take it to the dump at Granish, near Aviemore.


We do not encourage dogs as they can easily be locked in rooms by mistake with a large group of people or just become stressed by the crowd!
However, it is up to the group leader and all we ask is that they are not allowed on the beds.
Also, it goes without saying that they are taken for walks away from the grounds and any accidents are cleared up both in and outside the house!