To enquire

1 Check the Availability calendar

2 Send us the Booking Contact form and we will give you a reference number & provisional contract as soon as possible – often the same day unless we are away from the office.
We will ‘pencil’ you into the calendar and hold that time for you for an agreed period. Do not worry if you do not know exact numbers, we can sort that out later and remember that you will pay only for the beds used, even though you will have exclusive use, subject to the minimum.

3 Read the Booking Conditions.

On receiving a provisional offer

4 Send us your deposit by cheque, bank transfer or paypal, to confirm the booking as soon as possible.

Check the online calendar for the date by which it should be paid. After that we will mark that time as available. If you need the ‘make your mind up time’ extended, i.e. waiting for a committee meeting or parents’ evening, just keep in touch and we may be able to extend it.

A month before your stay

5 Send us the balance.

6 Are we organising food for you? If so, please ensure that we know if you have any vegetarians. remember that we are unable to cope with special diets -but if you tell us, we will do the best we can to take them into account.

7 Read & pass these links to the members of the group: Nethy Station & its subpages which I have produced after many requests from different groups!

A short while before your stay

8 I will send an email with details of arrival and things to think about before your arrival. if, for any reason you do not receive this, please get in touch with me. It is absolutely vital that agents pass this information on to the group leader.

9 If your numbers have changed, do not worry. As long as you pay for the minimum number of beds you will pay only for those who actually show up! You will still get the house to yourself!

You can pay any extras on arrival or, even receive a refund for no-shows! Yes, we are unique!