Eating In or Out

It isn’t always easy to find somewhere that welcomes big groups of people and so we recommend that you get in touch in advance.

We have listed those who have welcomed some of our groups in the past and those who we count as ‘partners’ who are willing to offer special menus or deals have their own section and a brief description.

Please remember though that any group should always contact a restaurant in advance to ensure that they are able to look after you properly on the night!


There is now a choice of local shops and of those which will deliver to Nethy Station.
There is a Spar and a butcher/deli within a hundred yards. Full details are available on our ‘Groceries’ page.

Nethy Station BBQ

Richard’s old cow feeling nervous between the BBQs!


If you wish, we can organise a two course evening meal geared to the weather, group type and activities partaken. You wash-up! Full details are available on our ‘Groceries’ page.