It is with great regret that we must inform you that we are closing Nethy Station earlier than we had planned. We intended to go on until October 2020 and see Richard into his seventies but, it is not to be and we are not accepting any more bookings.

Jobs Please do not contact us about employment, we get a number of enquiries for jobs, and I am afraid that we do not employ anybody – we do all the work ourselves! But Good Luck in your search!

General questions about the properties I am still adding to this section so do please feel free to make suggestions if you have a problem finding anything on our site.

Our address
We put our postal address on our invoices, but the actual postal address for the property in PH25 3DN! Please use the postcode and take note of our advice on the Travel pages.


General FAQ
Can I bring a dog?

Dogs can easily be locked in rooms by mistake with a large group of people or just become stressed by the crowd!

However, it is up to the group leader and all we ask is that they are not allowed on the beds.
Also, it goes without saying, that they are taken for walks away from the grounds and any accidents are cleared up both in and outside the house!

What happens if the number in our group change?

You only pay for those who stay as long. We have a minimum group size of 12 and though we have 26 beds available, we only charge for up to 20.

Can we have Exclusive Use?

We only provide Exclusive Use. We have a minimum group size of 12 and though there are 26 beds, we would only charge for up to 20. You only pay for those who stay!

Booking & Payment

General FAQ
Is there any wi-fi?

Because there is no office on the premises we have had to find alternative Broadband solutions. The property now has BT Openzone wi-fi (part of the worldwide Fon network).

Those connected to the Openzone or Fon networks will have free access according to their own account.

Group leaders should request the network key for access from us on arrival. Due to bandwidth restrictions, we advise that there should be only a couple of users within each group, or you will find access very slow!

What time can I check in & check out?

We ask that groups do not arrive before 4pm. This will give us time to check the house and try to get any maintenance done before your arrival. Departure time is 10am.

However, please do get in touch if you want these times changed – it is usually quite possible to bring it forward or delay departure to allow for a lie-in!

We may need to charge 25% of bed rate if it is more than a couple of hours either way.

Can we hire linen?

We have a duvet and pillow on each bed.

  1. We encourage our groups to bring their own duvet cover, sheet, pillowcase and towels. This is not only going to save you money, but is also greener because it reduces the need for deliveries and heavy duty linen cleaning.
  2. If you bring sleeping bags, you will need to bring a pillowcase and towels
  3. We can have a full pack of hired linen (bedding and towels) delivered, but please note this must be ordered at least 3 weeks in advance to allow for delivery and at £6.50 per pack it works out expensive for short stays.
Can you provide us with food?

If you wish, we can organise a two course evening meal geared to the weather, group type and activities partaken. You wash-up!

Should we have travel insurance?

All groups are strongly advised to take out adequate holiday insurance against cancellation, damage to baggage, loss and/or damage to property etc.

When do we pay?

You will receive a provisional contract with a holding date by which time the deposit should be paid, which you can also see on our calendar

Once your deposit has been received, your booking is secure. The remaining payment is due one month before your arrival. We do appreciate for some groups this is not always possible, in which case we ask you simply to keep in touch.

Please check the How to book page for more details.

Other Things about your Stay

General FAQ
Where is the nearest supermarket?

For information check the shopping page for more details.

  1. Meat can be obtained from the butcher next door.
  2. Milk, bread and other groceries may be ordered from the local grocery shop.
  3. Or you can order from Tesco and they can be delivered just after your arrival.
  4. There is a very good but not large, Co-op in Grantown which is the nearest other than the village Spar.
Can we go anywhere in the countryside?

You are free to roam in Scotland but remember with the Right come the responsibilities!We ask that you ‘Know the Code before you go’ and have a look at the Access Code and behave responsibly and then the area is yours to explore!

You will also find Educational Resources for 8 – 14 year olds

What day trips can we make from Nethy Bridge?

Check out the Day Trips page for a few ideas of things you might like to do.

Where can we go for a walk?

Go to this page to find out more information about local walks.

What about the weather?

Please do not ask us when we have the best weather! This is Scotland – we can have some lovely weather and as we are in the shadow of the Cairngorms, we enjoy one of the lowest average rainfalls in Britain – but do not count on it!

Please check the weather page for more information.

Can we arrive on public transport?

We have buses that run regularly through the village but as we are only dealing with groups – then the train to Aviemore and then get a taxi together.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Property

General FAQ
Have you got a BBQ?

We will always have a barbecue but please be aware that we cannot always provide the tools. There is a photo here of me, Richard’s wife, between two of them. We cannot always promise that 2 are available!

What do we bring with us?

There’s a page here with all the information you should need about things you need to take.

Can you help with layout and bed plans of Nethy Station?

Here is a simple plan & list of bedspaces in the Station to assist leaders to allocate rooms. The video tour is on You Tube.

Is smoking allowed in Nethy Station?

Smoking is absolutely prohibited throughout this old building which has lathe & plaster walls and a lot of old timber. We must stress this because of the danger of fire.

Nethy Station in summer

Our Sitooterie

We do however have a large ‘sitooterie’ for smokers and eating al fresco and of course, it keeps Daisy, our favourite cow, company!

Do you have a bar in Nethy Station?

There is a new little bar area including optics, glasses and a beer pump set up for the enjoyment of those who order in the Real Ale from Cairngorm Brewery at 15% discount!