Order Groceries Online

1 Meat can be obtained from the butcher next door.

2 Milk, bread and other groceries may be ordered from the local grocery shop.

3 Or you can order from Tesco, Sainsbury or Asda, and they can be delivered just after your arrival.

Grocery Shopping

Please note that the kitchen at the station is a wee bit small for groups to cater individually. We suggest that your stay is self-catering as a group!
Between the local deli/butcher and the Spar, you should get almost all that you need to top up with. Please remember that they may not have the quantity required for a large group but they will both accept orders in advance.
Supermarkets nearby are:
Grantown-on-Spey, 5 miles – Co-op;
Aviemore 11 miles – Tesco, Home Bargains and Aldi;
Nairn 29 miles  – Sainsbury;
Inverness 33 miles – Asda, Tesco Extra

We do have a BBQ but we ask that groups bring their own charcoal etc.

Party time.

If you are planning to party, then we are the place for you! We have a pump for Real Ale kegs, optics, glasses and a fridge.
You can arrange delivery of kegs of Real Ale from our local award winning Cairngorm Brewery.
The most popular we have found are Trade Winds, Cairngorm Gold and Sheepshagger’s. I am sure it is in the name! We suggest that you forget the rest as they tend to be for a more specialist palate!
Please note that if you want kegs we only have the pump equipment for the 30 litre (50 pint) and 50 litre (88 pint) kegs. Party boxes are also available in different sizes.

Food – what we can arrange for you.

For £7.00 we can bring you down a simple evening meal if you wish. You wash-up the cutlery, crockery & glassware only.
Vegetarians must be pre-booked. If warned in advance of allergies & special diets, we take them into account for the meal but may ask them to bring specific foods with them. A microwave is available.
If you order any food, we will leave out some tea, coffee and milk to get you going on arrival.
This is aimed at keeping the cooking an planning down to a minimum for organisers – it is not a ‘Gourmet Option!’

Our water is quite safe to drink from the tap. We discourage the use of plastic bottles. The environmental impact of plastic bottles is appalling! Did you know that it takes 7 litres of water to produce one plastic bottle, and then think about the transport and waste issues! They say that our seas will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

Shop on your way

Tesco has 24hr Extra stores in Inverness and another in Perth, which is only a few hundred yards from the A9. This may be a good place to take a break on your way north or, of course, see above and have an order delivered direct to the house.
There are others that I have marked on this map which may be useful.