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Have you got a BBQ?

We will always have a barbecue but please be aware that we cannot always provide the tools. There is a photo here of me, Richard’s wife, between two of them. We cannot always promise that 2 are available!

What do we bring with us?

There’s a page here with all the information you should need about things you need to take.

Is smoking allowed in Nethy Station?

Smoking cover

Smoking is absolutely prohibited throughout this old building which has lathe & plaster walls and a lot of old timber. We must stress this because of the danger of fire. We do however have a large ‘sitooterie’ for smokers and eating al fresco and of course, it keeps Daisy, our favourite cow, company!

Do you have a bar in Nethy Station?

There is a new little bar area including optics, glasses and a beer pump set up for the enjoyment of those who order in the Real Ale from Cairngorm Brewery at 15% discount!